Engineering Capabilities

1) We are capable of developing many aspects of vacuum processing equipment.
2) Design and assist in development of Plasma Etching and Deposition Equipment for use in the         Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry.
3) Design and Drafting all aspects of project design.
4) Product management and Packaging.
5) Proper fit and function of Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies.
6) Fabrication and assembly methods of new and existing designs.
7) Determining proper size, weight, wall thickness, surface area, thermal expansion, and strength under     vacuum, selecting and calculating, proper seals, view ports and vacuum ports. Selecting proper gas     and water connections.

Designed all mechanical aspects of:
1)   Process Modules with Vacuum Chambers and Electrodes for RIE, PECVD, ICP, PVD and ECR including       Magnets, Shutters, Microwave Guides, etc.
2)   Transport and Load Modules
3)   High Vacuum/Ultra-High Vacuum Systems
4)   Pure/Ultra Pure Gas Handling Systems
5)   Development of Electrodes and feature plates
6)   System Instrumentation
7)   Process Handling which includes wafer change kits and custom driven feature plates
8)   Process Enhancement Modifications
9)   Prototype Assemblies and Test Fixtures
10) Mounting and interconnection of major components such as Vacuum Pumps, Gate Valves, RF      Generators, Auto Matching Networks, etc.